Things That I Like #2: Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal. If I had to choose a meal to repeat during the day I would go for breakfast. I don’t mind to having it for breakfast and also for dinner. But, what do I usually eat for breakfast? My staples is toasts with tomato and olive oil and a latte for drink. If I have enough time to prepare it I also like to start with a freshly squeezed orange juice. My alternative for this staple is simply to change the toasts for a ham and cheese sandwich. I love to go to a bar for breakfast. I usually do it once a week in a local place close to the office called Cáscaras. During Spring and Summer when the temperature rises and the sun shines from the early morning I love to go for breakfast in a bar with outdoor seating and spend some time having a good conversation with my partner Verónica.

Note: the image below is the original text that I write for Daniel to handle as English classes’ homework. The version you’ve read is an improved one from Daniel’s corrections (probably I haven’t corrected completely all mistakes).