Things That I Like #1: Music Videos

I’ve started this because of the homework that Daniel required me to handle for English classes. So let’s go to the beginning. My first conversation with Daniel was a level test to let him configure some groups at the company. The topics we talked about weren’t anything extraordinary things like my hobbies, my last holidays and similar. The point was that I told him that I like music and specially music videos. And he started to ask me about more details about that, for example, bands. And my answer was that I like a French label a lot that combines music and fashion under the same brand. He also knew that label. Apart my partner Verónica I’ve never met anybody before that knew Kitsuné. Probably at that moment I was fascinated by Uptown Funk cover by Citizens! at St. Pancras station in London. That’s not a properly defined music video so if you are curious I recommend True love, also from Citizens!

Note: the image below is the original text that I write for Daniel to handle as English classes’ homework. The version you’ve read is an improved one from Daniel’s corrections (probably I haven’t corrected completely all mistakes).


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